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Quality Standard
China Power Magnetics is operated in full recognition that a company is existent for the customers with the commitment to ensuring and providing the optimum quality of tools and equipment. The company is capable of carrying out research and development in house in order to streamline production and optimize the standards of quality without relying on other market players. The company endeavors to manufacture such quality magnetic tools as is recognized by the customers in the world in fair competition with assurance of excellence and innovation. 

In other words, China Power Magnetics is never content or complacent with our domestic success, but is conscious of ensuring standards befitting for International clients. Thus, our daily efforts at the company are extended toward the direction of achieving the professional objective. As we reinforce the fundamental research and quality–control system for enhancing overall qualities and features. Quality at our company is not confined to the products we provide. It exists in every facet of our business operations, so we provide Magnetic Lifting Tools after thorough evaluation on parameters related to constituent collection and features. The product range is also evaluated by our team of experienced industry engineers for conformity to all applicable international standards.

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